Making life work




I have found that simply to make life work you need a holistic approach. Everything working together to form a whole working system. So just having one area or two areas work is insufficient. So where do you start. I believe start with the hardest area first. Why? Well we all like to do what is easier not what is the most challenging. What has us want to start easy? Maybe the fear of failing or something else we cannot see. So consider conquering what you might find most challenging first. It could even be that way with each day.  Do your most challenging work first.  Last night I flushed out my budget.  I had been avoiding it, not wanting to face what the real numbers were. What inspired me to confront it? It was what I coach my clients on “If you can see it you can move it!” Now I have the chance to have that opportunity.  However if this seems a little steep,  just act, move, get in action. For some people taking an action is big.  What could you do to move your life forward.

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