My Relationships and life is now on Track

Three months ago my personal and professional relationships were either strained or worse–estranged.  Financially I was struggling and emotionally I was inconsistent and low. Today, my life looks remarkably different. My business relationships are renewed and imbued with optimism. My love of life is abundant and fun. My financial life is on the upswing.   I renewed my commitment to be a Doctor and I am powerfully in action to have it happen.  And I took action and resolved the child support issue that was dragging me down.   Now I am emotionally happy, positive, and excited about the future. The coaching I received was extraordinarily patient, insightful and effective.  It has allowed me to transform my relationship and the context I live my life from.

Thank you and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Mark Rosenberg – UCLA-Staff Research Associate – Neurosurgery