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“No one got a manual or perfect role models,  so sometimes in life having a

powerful support structure is what is necessary to redesign,

reinvent or to just get what doesn’t work out of your way.”  


My name is Dena Skoko and I am the owner of 4UUnltd:    

In June 2016 I began my coaching business to support individuals, couples and businesses in reaching their highest and fullest potential.  In this journey I have experienced so much fulfillment inside of my life’s mission to serve others.  My journey with my own development started in June of 1990 when I participated in my first transformative program.  Since then I have delved deeply into the work of transformation.  I spent the last 27 years reading, studying, doing programs, designing programs and leading.  

Thanks to all of my mentors, friends and clients I have brought the gift and vision of coaching to the world.  I look forward to sharing my blogs and online courses as well as my private coaching.  We strive to deliver a powerful, supportive coaching style that allows for you to take charge of what you want and fulfill it.   We believe in a positive, reinforcing, empowering approach to supporting people in being their greatest selves.   

Thanks for taking your precious time to visit my website!