Relationship discovery

Through my work over the past few decades I have discovered something very interesting about people in their relationships.  I believe that people use their relationships incorrectly.  They use them as a place to let off steam and get excitement.  Let me say more about that.  What if the true nature of relationships was the opportunity to get yourself reenergized and reinvigorated?  What if your true excitement came from what you were creating in the world.  Some outlet that you love that contributed to making the world a better place.  What if people only create relationship drama because they are bored?  So maybe being up to enough in life actually makes life more livable?  These are important questions to look at.  Is my excitement actually displaced?  Maybe people who aren’t in relationships are creating family, work and/or friend drama.  And maybe all thats missing for people is a real vision and creation of what they would like to leave as their legacy.   I found this very enlightening in my journey with people.  It has allowed me to begin to live a truly drama free life with lots of excitement in what I am up to and what my life is about.

I invite you to take a good look at your relationships, your work and your life and see what you see.  Are you living a created a life or a life given by the excitement of drama that you allow into your life?  Its a great thing to examine.

Maybe a drama free life is possible and maybe its more fulfilling!



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