About Us

Our mission is to work with individuals, couples, groups and businesses in an intuitive and supportive way that allows for power, freedom and expanded results.  We strive to have our work with people create new actions and new practices that allow for great results to occur naturally.  Our coaching and consulting is done in a way that leaves the individuals with full power and having a renewed sense of themselves and what they are capable of.  It’s our privilege to be with people and leave them nurtured, known and empowered in every session and interaction.


Dena Skoko –

Dena has been coaching individuals since 1990.  During her participation in Leadership and transformational programs Dena became very interested in relationships and their dynamics.  She began to study and support people throughout that time and did her own discovery with her own intimate relationships.  It was a passion from the beginning.   Through the years she has supported people personally with creating their lives and relationships powerfully.  Dena has been working full-time coaching since June of 2016 and has been loving watching people and couples grow exponentially.  She brings a spiritual and remarkably loving touch to her coaching so that the people she works with look forward to being with her. Dena has also worked with businesses and business owners in reinventing and expanding their businesses.  Now in the midst of Dena’s expanding clientele she has built an alliance with other great coaches to support her client’s needs.