Our Relationship..


My husband and I have participated in solo and couples coaching with Dena for the past 5 months. It’s incredible to look back and see the gains we’ve made in the areas of communication, intimacy and trust. By working with her, we’ve been able to articulate the life we want to live – from creating a loving home, raising a family, financial freedom, blending work and recreation and taking actionable step towards realizing our goals. Dena has incredible life experiences to draw upon. Pair that with her enormous capacity for empathy, she is a powerhouse that can support you in any endeavors you’d like to pursue as an individual or as a couple. She is particularly skilled in crisis situations so I urge you not to be shy or ashamed of your situation and reach out if you need support…
Rich – Artist and Eugenia – Registered Nurse

Creative Coaching

4uUnltd offers an invaluable service well worth the investment of time and money.  I’m what can be considered a highly effective person. I own multiple companies internationally and function in my everyday life as a spiritual teacher and artist. What Dena gave me was the invaluable role of an organizational accountability partner.  This supported me in  taking both my personal life and my professional life to the next level with clear, concise and creative coaching.  The coaching was designed to create freedom in my ability to conquer the obstacles I was facing. Thank you Dena and 4uUnltd for the work you continue to do.

Siri Shiva – Yoga Expert / Spiritual Teacher

My Relationships and life is now on Track

Three months ago my personal and professional relationships were either strained or worse–estranged.  Financially I was struggling and emotionally I was inconsistent and low. Today, my life looks remarkably different. My business relationships are renewed and imbued with optimism. My love of life is abundant and fun. My financial life is on the upswing.   I renewed my commitment to be a Doctor and I am powerfully in action to have it happen.  And I took action and resolved the child support issue that was dragging me down.   Now I am emotionally happy, positive, and excited about the future. The coaching I received was extraordinarily patient, insightful and effective.  It has allowed me to transform my relationship and the context I live my life from.

Thank you and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Mark Rosenberg – UCLA-Staff Research Associate – Neurosurgery

Huge Asset in My Decision Process

4uunltd has helped me through a very sticky business transaction where there were finances but also emotions involved.  It has been helping me navigate through both and not get sidetracked from my ultimate goal.

I have since continued with her coaching for a few aspects in my life and she has become a huge asset in my decision process & growth, both personal and professional.

Dena is direct but also soft when you need it.  Like a good friend that you trust to tell it to you straight. I so appreciate that as most coaches are usually not both.

I have and will continue to recommend her.

Malia – Medical Spa Branding Consultant / Skin Care Specialist

Highly Recommend Coaching

It’s great to have an intuitive coach. Not only is it proficient in creating, supporting ways for me to create systems, it is also helps to tune in to my interior states.  I has been a true gift to have a powerful listening. I’m listened to for what is communicated between the lines so I can get to the source of matters, and it allows for my greatness and that which will bring me the most joy.

With 4uunltd coaching, my husband and I were able to get to the source of things that would have kept our marriage on an inauthentic course. And with the keen sense of supportive guidance and rigor, it provided me with new ways to not only be aware and present to my inner feelings and space, but to experience how I can express my needs and create from a place of love and peace.

I would highly recommend coaching if you want to jump start any area of your life.

Andrea – Producer / CEO Wonderfun Creative

Holding me to Account

My time is very, very valuable, working with 4uunltd has been an incredible investment of my time, my money and most importantly my well being. If you are someone always navigating in the driver seat, they will put another perspective on how to slow down and connect to yourself, or if you are in the passenger seat, its having someone that will create direction and passion in everything you do. The coaching has given me direction in my dating life, always allowing me to keep perspective, holding me to account and allowing me to trust the inner state of bright light that shines in me.

Joe Arias – Real Estate investor

Made a Positive Impact

4uunltd has made a positive impact on my relationship to my wife and my business.

6 months ago my marriage was in disarray and through the coaching with Dena and her team we were able to keep our marriage and move ourselves into a powerful direction. The business coaching we received has made a positive impact on how I run my business,  my ability to create teams and ultimately my bottom line.

Rene Garcia /Real Estate Professional